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Casino Rueda

Casino Rueda is the most exhilarating style of Salsa dancing, sometimes referred to as "Casino" or "Cuban Square Dancing". In the 1950's, in a Havana social club called El Casino Deportivo, Casino was born. Many great dancers gathered there for friendly competitions. They would practice all week to invent new moves and go to the club to show them off. Soon they began to dance the moves together. In order to keep a distinction between one move and another, they began naming them - creating what is known today as Casino Rueda.

Rueda is the Spanish word for wheel. Two or more couples get together and form a circle or a Rueda. The leader of the Rueda calls out the commands and the couples respond by performing the moves simultaneously exchanging partners in response to the callers instruction, much like what is done in Square Dancing. Many of the moves also have hand signals as well as names, in order to be able to dance in a loud club setting. The Rueda can be as small as two couples, or as large as a space can hold - hundreds of couples. As a result of the Castro regime and the arrival of Cuban exiles, Casino Rueda began to slowly make it's way into the Miami salsa community and in the late 1980's and early 1990's it experienced an enormous explosion of popularity.

The emergence of Rueda outside of Cuba began in Miami but has now spread to many salsa communities all over the U.S. In Miami, Casino has been so embraced, that one is hardpressed to find a nightclub in which Casino or Rueda is not danced. Casino has grown not just in size, but also in complexity and style. As the time progressed some additional influences (such as Disco and Mambo) have affected the dance, however today's Ruedas are quite similar to those of 50 years ago. Dancing Salsa is a way of connecting with someone physically and mentally. When you dance with a partner you both have to be in sync with one another and this creates a bond. In Rueda the energy extends to the entire group.

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