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Cha-cha Dance Lessons
Express yourself in Latin movement

The Cha-cha is similar to Salsa, rumba and to mambo. The difference is that the “slow” step of the rumba and the mambo is replaced with a triple step. Check our online calendar for class times and details.

The step timing is counted 1,2,3, 4&,. Several steps would be counted:1,2,3, 4&1, 2,3, 4&1, 2,3, 4&1,2, 3. The cha cha may also be counted using quicks and slows. The count using quicks and slows would be: Slow, slow, slow, quick, quick, slow, slow, slow, quick, quick. Notice that five steps are taken to four beats of music. The dance may also be counted: One, two, three, cha cha cha, two, three, cha cha cha.

In the music, the heavy beat is the one beat, the first beat of the measure. Cha cha music is written in 4/4 time, with four beats to each measure. The music tempo is 110 to 130 beats per minute.

All steps should be taken to the inside edge of the ball of the foot. As with all Latin dances, the footwork is ball-flat, ball-flat for all steps. Cuban motion is an essential element of the dance. Cuban motion, especially the hip action, comes mainly from the alternate bending and straightening of the knees.

Typical figures of the cha cha include crossover breaks (also called New Yorkers), spot turns, the cross-body lead, fifth position breaks, and the back spot turn also called the natural top. Notice that these same figures are used in mambo and in rumba.

Like the basic for rumba and for mambo, a full basic of the cha cha can be thought of as having a forward basic, which takes 4 beats of music, and a backward basic, which takes four beats of music. So, eight beats of music are required to complete one full basic.

In cha cha, five steps are taken to four beats of music. Each forward and backward basic can be considered to contain the following five steps: a break step, a replace step, and a triple step chasse. Tips: 1) Try to make complete weight transfers with every step. A mistake is to shuffle your feet. 2) Avoid taking steps that are too large. 3) Avoid bouncing. 4) Gentlemen, maintain good posture, keep your head up, and avoid looking at your feet 5) Avoid trying to shake or twist your hips. Hip action should be a natural result from correct foot and leg action. 6) Practice counting and learn to dance with the break step on the second beat of the measure.

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